Stinger 1

Range therapy and dry-fire

Story and photos by Russell Purcell Like many shooting enthusiasts I find a day at the range to be therapeutic. This might sound strange to someone who has never had the opportunity (or the desire) to fire a gun, but there is something about the noise, the smells, and the feel of the
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Holiday Deals 1

Sale Time!

It’s time to stock up and find some bargains Story and photos by Russell Purcell With the holiday season just around the corner many of the local gun shops and sporting equipment retailers are gearing up for their annual pre-Christmas sales. If you are a shooting or hunting enth
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Desert Eagle Review 1

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Packs a Powerful Punch

Story and photos by Russell Purcell (@RoadTestRuss) Few handguns are as imposing as the Desert Eagle, a single-action, ultra-powerful, semi-automatic that was originally designed by American small arms manufacturer Magnum Research Incorporated. Early on in its development the guns wer
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golf ball targets 4

Repurposing old golf balls into challenging targets

Story and photos by Russell Purcell I am fortunate enough to live in a region that has a fairly sizeable area where it is legal to discharge non-restricted rifles and shotguns for target shooting purposes. This is an activity I enjoy as it is nice to venture into the wilderness and sp
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CZ 75 Shadow in case

New addition enhances shooting experience

Story and photos by Russell Purcell The CZ 75 Shadow SP-01 is a tactical, SA/DA semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. It is based on one of the most popular handguns in the world- the venerable CZ 75. The Shadow is well-built, reasonably priced, and definitely fun to shoot. When I f
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wheel guns: Revolvers at DVC

Wheel Guns Offer Big Excitement

Story and photos by Russell Purcell There are few experiences in the shooting sports arena that compare with the controlled fury that comes with the operation of one of the large calibre revolvers. These powerful handguns are often referred to as “wheel guns” due to their
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DVC Indoor Shooting Range leaves an impression

Story and photos by Russell Purcell (@RoadTestRuss) My father first experienced shooting as a precocious 12-year-old when he received a hand-me-down Cooey .22 rifle from a relative. As a teenager he became involved with Air Cadets, which brought some more trigger experience, but as a
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gun cleaning 2

Gun Cleaning 101

Story and photos by Russell Purcell Firearms are not cheap to acquire, own or operate, so learning how to properly care for and maintain your collection will help protect your investment and ensure that these finally crafted tools provide years of reliable use. I recently had the oppo
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Sig 226

The Sig Sauer P226 Pistol

DVC’s Gun of the Month for April is one of the most popular hand guns in the world Story and photos by Russell Purcell On a recent visit to the DVC Vancouver Gun Range I took the opportunity to shoot a gun that I have long wanted to experience. The Sig Sauer P226 pistol is one of the
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